I’ve watched until episode 47 so I may not know all the characters, but this is what I’ve got so far:

That British Couple -

No explanation needed haha

Johann Liebert -

Well, in the “I just shat my pants” sort of way. Of course, I wouldn’t like him in real life, but he is the most original villain that I’ve seen in an anime. Whenever he makes an appearance in the anime I get the chills because I don’t expect it. It’s scary that he can actually lure people in with a smile and no one would expect his true nature (I’m definetly lured hehe). I especially like the part where he cross-dresses! I actually had a dream about him killing me and I enjoyed it.¬†

Wolfgang Grimmer -

I seem to like the characters who have a happy outer¬†shell because I suppose they remind me of myself. Let me think…. Rock Lee, Sokka, Vash the Stampede, each with a layering degree of pain behind the smile. Of course, you can’t expect Lee or Sokka to be as deep because of the types of shows they come from, but I can compare Grimmer to Vash quite easily. A past they can’t escape, blocking out bad memories, never asking for help and always putting up a front. At the same time, they are two different characters entirely. From what I’ve seen, the real tortured soul inside Grimmer is a killer, but he can’t come to terms with the psychological trauma. Not that the bubbly guy on the outside is fake. I just love to analyze this type of personality in hopes to discover more about myself (I’m not a killer, btw)

I secretly ship Suk x Grimmer

Well, there are alot of characters I like, including Dr. Tenma. I would have added him on to the list, but there’s something off with him. Like that he knows ALL THE LANGUAGES OF THE WORLD (except Czech apparently), he just seems too perfect at times. Doesn’t mean I don’t admire his kindness. It’s too easy to say he’s a favorite because he’s the main character anyway.

And… I think that’s it