1. Hänschen klein - A German Folksong

    I found an old paper my Grandmother Johanna wrote to me back when I first told her I wanted to learn German… so a few years ago. It got lost, but going through my room I found it again.

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I'm Sarah the 20 year old philosopher (well, not really)...

I love to think creatively and fashion stories in my head. I also like to dab a bit 'o paint here and there and somehow make landscapes, though I can't forget about my buddy music. I embrace most forms of music, including all types of foreign song, but I also handle the performing aspect of music: I used to take drum and piano lessons, and combining that makes me the Marimba player in my high school's Marching Band.
So yeah, basically a Right-Brainer. :)
I also do a lot of "manly" stuff, according to my friends. Taekwondo for one, I love excercising. People around me think I'm a rough-and-tumble girl who is a little off-kilter. I am okay with this. ^^

Things I post:
Languages (primarily French and German)
Inspiring Quotes
Art, Music, Literature
My Fandoms ~ Anime, Roleplaying, Video Games, etc...